Birth Control

Hormonal contraceptives are also known as “birth control.” They prevent pregnancy from occurring.
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About birth control

Hormonal contraceptives are also known as “birth control.” They prevent pregnancy from occurring. These medications are combinations of the hormones estrogen and progestin or progestin alone. They regulate processes that occur at the start of pregnancy. Sometimes they are used to treat acne and regulate the menstrual cycle. They can also be used to reduce pain and bloating from menstruation.
Different types
Birth control medications are available in several different forms. Besides tablets taken by mouth, there are rings inserted in the vagina and patches worn on the skin. Prescribers may also administer implants under the skin. Injectable medications are also used.
Risks and side effects
Some common side effects of these medications are nausea, headache, and breast tenderness. They can also cause irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting. Some people experience increased blood pressure. Fluid retention is common as well. Changing to a different product may help with some side effects. Some of these medications may increase your risk for blood clots, heart attack, and stroke.
Your prescriber will help determine the best product for you. They will consider your health conditions, other medications, and future plans for pregnancy. Your prescriber may ask about other products you may have used. Your past experience with them helps guide therapy.
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