Managing meds
for your child

If you’re a parent or caregiver, we can help you manage prescriptions for your children under 18.

Getting started is simple

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Sign up yourself

Parents or caregivers, start by signing yourself up for Amazon Pharmacy, or signing in.
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Add your child

From your Amazon Pharmacy dashboard, add your child’s information, including medications they’re taking.
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Manage their meds

Once you’ve added your child’s medication, you can compare prices and request prescriptions.

You may be wondering

How do I sign up my child?
Do I need to sign up if I’m just filling prescriptions for my child?
Yes. If you want to get prescriptions for a child under 18 through Amazon Pharmacy, you first need to sign up yourself.
How do I get prescriptions for my child on Amazon Pharmacy?
Can I sign up a child over 18?
No. Currently parents and caregivers can only manage prescriptions for children under 18. Adults 18 and older can sign up for Amazon Pharmacy themselves, to get and manage their own prescriptions.
How do I access my child's prescriptions?
You can access your child's prescriptions when you sign in to Amazon Pharmacy. After confirming who you are, you'll be asked to choose who you're shopping for—and you should see your child's name as an option.
Can multiple parents and caregivers get prescriptions filled for the same child?
No. At this time, children’s prescriptions can only be managed by a single parent or caregiver.
Can other parents and caregivers contact Customer Care with questions about my child’s prescription?

Save time, stay healthy

Now you can have your meds delivered, just like everything else.

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