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Coupons may be available for use with or without insurance. If using insurance, check insurance price to see the coupon value.
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Sign in to see if you’re eligible for a coupon. No surprises at the checkout counter—if you’re eligible you’ll see your pricing options with the coupon before you check out.
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You may be wondering

How do I get a coupon?
If you qualify for a manufacturer coupon, Amazon will automatically apply the coupon to your order. There’s nothing further that you need to do.
Who is eligible for manufacturer coupons?
Coupons cannot be used if you’re entitled to receive benefits from any state or federal healthcare program, like Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medigap, Department of Defense, Veteran Affairs, TRICARE®/CHAMPUS, Employer Group Waiver Plans, or any state patient or pharmaceutical assistance program, even if you elect to pay for the medication outside of your benefits. Read important information about manufacturer coupons for more details.
Which medications have coupons available?
Coupon savings are set by manufacturers, who establish which medications have coupons and how they can be used. Manufacturers may apply coupon savings to your insurance copay, or they might apply them to a retail price. Coupons may change or expire at any time. If you don’t see a coupon for your medication check back frequently. We’re working every day with manufacturers to expand availability of coupons.
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