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RxPass has you covered

While other savings programs charge for each individual medication, RxPass is always $5 a month—no matter how many meds you take.
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RxPass requires an Amazon Prime membership

RxPass is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. You’ll need to sign up for Amazon Prime before you can subscribe to RxPass. Plus, you’ll get all of the other great benefits of being an Amazon Prime member—including free 2-day delivery, exclusive deals, and prescription savings.

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The average Prime member saves 47% on medications*

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You may be wondering

Is RxPass right for me?
If you’re a Prime member and paying more that $5 a month for all of your medications, RxPass could help you save. RxPass isn’t insurance, but it can be helpful for those without insurance, or when insurance doesn’t cover certain medications. Many people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and anxiety will find their medications are eligible with RxPass.
How does RxPass work?
RxPass is a benefit for Prime members that gives subscribers access to the most common generic medications for a flat fee of $5 a month. Subscribers can get all their prescribed medications on the RxPass list filled as often as they need for one flat monthly fee. RxPass also works with auto-refill so that you get all your eligible prescriptions automatically for no more than $5 a month.
Which medications are included with RxPass?
I’m not eligible to subscribe to RxPass. Why?
RxPass does restrict eligibility based on insurance and the state where medications will be shipped. People with state-funded insurance such as Medicaid and CHIP are not eligible sign up for RxPass right now. Additionally, RxPass is not currently available to send medications to California, Minnesota, Texas, and Washington. Amazon Pharmacy is still available in all of those states.
Does RxPass work with insurance or an HSA/FSA?
Unfortunately, you cannot use an HSA or FSA to pay your RxPass subscription fee. RxPass is not insurance and is not a substitute for insurance.
Do I have to be a Prime member to use RxPass?
Yes, RxPass is exclusively an Amazon Prime member benefit. If you’re not already a Prime member, you would need to join Prime before subscribing to RxPass.
How often will I be charged?
The subscription fee for RxPass will be charged to your selected payment method on the first of each month. When you subscribe, you’ll be charged a prorated amount for your first month, and then be charged on the first day of the following month.
What if I decide to cancel?
You can cancel RxPass anytime. You will still be able to use RxPass for the rest of the month you’ve paid for, and you will not be charged again. Canceling a Prime membership will also result in canceling RxPass.

All RxPass medications

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    Atrial Fibrillation
    Breast cancer
    Kidney Disease
    Men's health
    Prostate Hyperplasia
    Skin conditions
    Urinary retention

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