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 Amazon Pharmacy Home Delivery
FAX 512-884-5981
ADDRESS 4500 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Suite 201 Austin, TX 78744
CONTACT US 855-206-3605

Have patients who are new to Amazon Pharmacy? They'll need to sign up before we can fill their prescriptions. Your patients can also request their medication from us, then we'll contact your office on their behalf.

We're licensed and deliver in all 50 states.
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Why patients choose Amazon Pharmacy

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Upfront pricing

Compare the best prices on meds upfront, both with or without insurance.
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Home delivery

No need to make an extra trip to the pharmacy, or wait in line.
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24/7 support

Our pharmacists are always available to answer questions.
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There's more for Amazon Prime members

Free two-day delivery is just the start. Prime members can save on select meds, and subscribe to RxPass to get all of their eligible medications for just $5 a month.

We're here to help

Call our dedicated prescriber line with any questions:
8 AM – 10 PM ET weekdays
10 AM – 8 PM ET weekends
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You may be wondering

General information

What is Amazon Pharmacy's contact information?
Prescriber and pharmacy phone number: 855-206-3605.
Our E-Scribe name is Amazon Pharmacy Home Delivery.
Our fax number is 512-884-5981.
Our address is 4500 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Suite 201 Austin, TX 78744.
What are the hours of business for Amazon Pharmacy's dedicated prescriber and pharmacy line?
8 AM – 10 PM ET weekdays
10 AM – 8 PM ET weekends
Is Amazon Pharmacy the same as PillPack? What is the difference?
PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy is a separate service that’s powered by our same pharmacy. Designed to help people who manage multiple medications, PillPack sorts medication into individual packets by date and time and delivers monthly.

If you’d like to discuss which service best fits your patients’ medication needs, please contact us at 855-206-3605.
Do you provide medication for office use?
At this time we do not dispense medications for office use.


Where should I send my prescriptions for Amazon Pharmacy?
Prescriptions should be sent to:
E-Scribe Amazon Pharmacy Home Delivery
Fax 512-884-5981
Address 4500 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Suite 201, Austin, TX 78744
What happens after I send a prescription?
Once we have a prescription on file, your patients will be notified that it's time to check out. From there, they can choose to pay with or without insurance. We’ll deliver in 2 to 5 days, depending on their shipping preferences. For recurring prescriptions, we notify patients when it's time for a refill so they can check out.
If I send a prescription, will my patient automatically get signed up for Amazon Pharmacy?
No. If this is the first time a patient is using Amazon Pharmacy they will need to sign up for Amazon Pharmacy using their Amazon.com account either online or through our app.
Can I sign up my patient for Amazon Pharmacy?
No. Patients need to sign up on their own.
Can prescriptions be submitted through the Amazon Pharmacy site/app?
No. Amazon Pharmacy’s site/app are for patients to request their medications. Scripts need to be submitted electronically via E-Scribe, via fax, or by phone. Please note that all controls are required to be e-scribed.
What if my patient says they can't find my name in your system?
Amazon Pharmacy sources our provider directory from the SureScripts Provider directory. If your Electronic Health Record uses SureScripts, please contact your SureScripts administrator to ensure your SureScripts Provider profile is complete/accurate. If your Electronic Health Record does not use SureScripts, please consider faxing in your prescription or calling our Prescriber inbound line 855-206-3605.

Medication & refills

What medications are available through Amazon Pharmacy?
We stock most medications—schedule II controlled substances are one exception.
What medications are not available through Amazon Pharmacy?
Amazon Pharmacy offers a wide selection of generic and brand medications used to treat chronic and acute health conditions. To find out if we can fill a specific prescription, search for a medication’s name on Amazon.com.

The following categories of drugs and supplies are not available at this time through Amazon Pharmacy:

• Breast pumps
• Compounded medications
• Medical devices (braces, insulin pumps, nebulizers)
• Pet prescriptions
• REMS medications
• Schedule II-controlled medications
• Suspensions (liquid amoxicillin, fluconazole)
• Vaccines
What can I do to make sure my patients get their refills on time?
As part of our service, we’ll contact you about a month before your last refill to get your patient's new prescription in place. If we have any issues getting a refill, we’ll let your patient know before their shipment is sent out.
Can I prescribe a 90-day supply for my patient?
For non-controlled substances, consider prescribing 90-day fills for your patients, this can help them save time, be more likely to stay adherent with their medications, and for some patients even save money on with a reduced 3-month copay.
How do you contact me for refills?
To request refills, we’ll call, fax, or send electronic prescription requests to you for your patient's prescription.

Billing & pricing

Are there any prescription discounts available?
Amazon Prime members get access to prescription savings as part of their membership at no additional cost, along with FREE 2-Day Delivery. The prescription savings benefit is not insurance and can't be combined with insurance. It's a way for patients to save up to 80% on generic and 40% on brand-name prescription medications when paying without insurance. For more information, visit amazon.com/primerx.
How do you handle prior authorizations?
If a prescription needs a prior authorization, we will work with you and your patient’s insurance company. In the event that the prior authorization requires additional action (such as an office visit or consultation), we will make that step as easy as possible by communicating what is needed to your patient.
I received a prior authorization request from Amazon Pharmacy, what do I do?
Please follow instructions on the faxed PA request to call the patient’s insurance to get a prior authorization.
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Amazon Pharmacy Home Delivery 4500 S Pleasant Valley Road, Suite 201 Austin, TX 78744-2911
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